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2016 IATC

ATAC’s annual International Aboriginal Tourism Conference (IATC) provided attendees with opportunities to find beneficial and collaborative partnerships, with the ultimate goal of building capacity across Canada, broadening global networks, and sharing best practices. Participants were offered workshops on Aboriginal tourism experience development, shared Aboriginal tourism industry research and marketing strategies, and presentations on key strategies to support growth.


National Aboriginal Tourism Research

The first major study of Aboriginal tourism in more than a decade points to the increasing importance, growth and sophistication of Aboriginal tourism across Canada. The research project, commissioned by ATAC,  confirms that the economic impacts of Aboriginal tourism is growing, while surveys of 132 Aboriginal tourism business and 36 travel trade representatives also identified barriers that are limiting the ability of Aboriginal tourism to reach its potential.


Aboriginal Cruise Ship Opportunities

The Cruise Industry Opportunity project was initiated by ATAC and outlines opportunities for Aboriginal entrepreneurs, bands, and organizations wishing to benefit from the growing cruise industry. There are many regions across Canada with cruise ship participation including Arctic Canada, Atlantic Canada, Great Lakes, Newfoundland & Labrador, Pacific Coast & Alaska and Saint Lawrence Seaway. This educational website provides the insight and tools needed to better understand and work with the cruise industry.


Power of Aboriginal Tourism Video Series

As part of a multifaceted partnership, Destination Canada and ATAC are working together to create a series of Aboriginal tourism promotional videos which highlight exceptional and authentic Aboriginal experiences available in Canada. These videos are distributed online and presented at major industry events to build positive awareness of Aboriginal tourism in Canada.




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